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About Bassey

“Create and Enjoy Your Life” -BY


Help yourself grow. I get it! Life is not easy, but it matters!

A way of life is something I care about. My professional and personal experiences show time and time again that life is valuable and fragile. I care and value people and the way they live. I care about my health, thoughts, and actions. I believe you care and value yours too.

Our lifestyle dictates how meaningful or miserable our quality of life can be. With mindfulness and a positive mindset, you can achieve your lifestyle goal(s).

My purpose first and foremost is to listen to understand your lifestyle/experiences before we partner together to put the puzzle together, or break them apart, or create different pieces the way you envision!

Does your lifestyle need improvement, or a change, or transformation? Is it life transitions, fitness, toxic relationship, environment, fashion, health, addiction recovery, home/work experience, politics, or others? I specifically specialize in consulting with African Americans/Blacks,  immigrants, professionals/business owners, college, or professional athletes. Do you wrestle with everyday personal or professional issues?  Yes, you can share with me what you dare not to tell your best friend or a spouse. The good news, you can learn from experience and use it to design the life you want and be happy.

You’re valuable. I’m looking forward to listening and assisting you to meet your lifestyle goal(s).

I hold MSW and LMSW-NYC Social Work License; with two decades of social work experience in lifestyle and addiction/mental health empowering individuals, families, and groups. I’m here to empower, inspire, and motivate you to take action and live and enjoy the life you desire. We can work together. Call now: 914 200. 3501.

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