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Addiction kills people if not treated.

Recently a popular high school student died of a drug overdose. And a small-town medical doctor lost her medical license because of addiction.

The world stood still, and tears ran down the faces of friends and foes when Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse died at a young age. Why? The trio died of drug overdose — addiction

Addiction is a solution to an emotional need — Dr. Lance Dodes.

The excellent news, addiction is a treatable disease, and many people can recover from it and return to a healthy life.

If not treated, addiction can destroy family, career, health, finance, and ruin brains and lives.

You are not alone. 21millions Americans live with one form of addiction or another, which means you have nothing to be ashamed of or hide to die. Cancer and diabetes get white-glove treatment, why not addiction?

The price of greatness is responsibility — Winston Churchill.

Who are you? What is your struggle? Present to you three individuals with addiction issues.

  1. Client A is a medical doctor and married with two children. She lost her medical license because of addiction.
  2. Client B is a single father of 3 children and an auto-mechanic. He lost her children because of addiction.
  3. Client C is a housewife and lives in a Mansion in one of the wealthiest counties in the US. She lost her parenting authority because of addiction.

The above mentioned human beings have four things in common — all struggle with addiction, have trouble childhood and are in treatment. More importantly, all accepted responsibility as adults and took action to save their life, family, and career.

How do you know if you are addicted to something (behavioral or substance)? You have the answer. Be honest and accept personal responsibility.

My professional experience shows that most people struggling with addiction often hold unto childhood shame — — family history of addiction/mental illness, emotional/sexual abuse, unhappy marriage or nasty divorce, severe poverty, domestic violence, etc. They always do something to disguise their addiction for many years. Sometimes, they fool almost everyone, including their parents, spouse, mental health professionals, bosses, friends, employees, and others

The truth always comes out when someone died of a drug overdose. Dead of a drug overdose is familiar in the US and around the world. Take responsibility for your life and Seek help now — 1888–623–7986

Still not sure if you have a problem with addiction. Let’s go — You spent more time and money buying and using drugs or tobacco, drinking alcohol, gaming, or gambling, or eating food. For example, your bi-weekly paycheck is $2500, and you spent $85 or more on drugs or gambling. Get help — it gets worse if you delay for another minute. Love your life/family and get help now — 1888–623–7986

Good news for you, addiction is a treatable disease. What can you do —

  • It starts with you. Believe in yourself.
  • Write down why you want treatment. How was your life before addiction?
  • Tell the truth and trust yourself.
  • Call now, 1888–623–7986.
  • Go to treatment and commit to it. Set SMART goals.
  • Reinvent yourself. Stay away from all temptations — people, things, and places. Drugs can help kill you.
  • Involves your family, friends, and community in your treatment. Also, hire a therapist and a recovery coach.
  • Believe in yourself
  • Stay in an evident-based treatment until discharge. And join a self-help group or house of worship.
  • Your journey of reinventing yourself starts now!

I recommend this book, Believing In Myself, by Earnie Larsen for you to read and pay it forward.

Yes, you can reinvent yourself — your life matters. Seek help now — 1888–623–7986

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