“The groundwork for all happiness is good health.” Leigh Hunt

A healthy lifestyle is always a personal choice. Each person makes this choice differently and chooses what works. Many studies suggest that a healthy lifestyle increases productivity in business and personal life.

  1. Focus On Yourself. Focusing on yourself means paying attention to how you want to live your life. Do you want to live a meaningful life? A meaningful life can be living without an illness you can control, exceeding the life expectancy age, or being happy with yourself, your relationship, and your career/business.
  2. Your Associations: Be proactive with whom you spend your time and energy. Stay away from naysayers, dream killers, and energy drainers. With close family members, you can be an enlightened witness by living your truth. My first few years in the US were a disaster because negative people were the air I breathed, and I almost lose my life. It was my mistake, and I took responsibility and learned from the experience. Look for positive people, places, and things. Be careful and selective!
  3. Your Thought and Food: Think about what you want and why? Most foods are good and nourishable to our body but must be eaten in moderation. Dieting is a myth, and I don’t recommend it. Your thought is your food. The book of proverb 23:7 stresses. “As a man (woman) thinketh in his/her heart, so he/she is.”
  4. Observes How Others Eat, Shop, and Live: My favorite pastime is observing people in a grocery store and restaurant. The quality and quantity of food on people’s plates and carts say more about their lifestyle. And, it is always obvious in them and their young children. Do you observe clutter/trash in your bedroom and car? Any trace of trash outside the trash bin says something about your lifestyle.
  5. Exercise and Visit Your Doctor: Half of the people paying for the GYM membership do not use the GYM. Some of my clients have GYM in their kitchen, living room, bathroom, and public space. Many people don’t need GYM to exercise. I walked when I don’t need a car and parked my car half a mile from my destination. Walking decreases stress saves time, and helps me focus on positive things. Visit your doctor regularly for a check-up and preventive care.
  6. Practice Your Faith Or Join Social Club: Many types of research show that people who attend church (house of worship)regularly live longer and happier than people who do not. If you do not have worship or social clubhouse, join one, such as Meetup or Toastmaster. Toastmaster is for public speaking, but a club that inspires, motivates and empowers people to reach their goals toastmasters.org, westchesterchristian.org.
  7. Use Your Imagination and Dream: Take the time to reflect on what seems impossible. I imagine the book I am writing can be number one on the NY Times bestsellers list, and I dream of living WELL at old age. I’m looking forward to being productive and successful in society as a writer and a senior citizen. Yes, I am hopeful for something in the future. This gives me an incentive to work smart every day toward my dream of an amazing life, even at old age. Dream big and use your imagination!
  8. Fast TV and Social media: Too much TV and Social Media can trigger depression or anxiety. The stories you read and pictures you view are more likely to be fake or lies. Trust and value yourself. Work hard not to compare yourself or your family with what you see on TV or social media. I used to say that social media cannot influence me confidently, but actually, I was. True, I saw this person’s vacation pictures on Facebook every other month, and I thought I could do that too! Do you have that feeling of comparing apples and oranges? It was not practical for my family to afford a vacation every other month or even twice per year, but I had that feeling. Currently, I allocated time for social media, which involves business relationships, publishing, and mentorship.
  9. Read and Write: Readers write! Reading and writing keep me grounded and exposed me to all nooks and crannies of the world with different cultures and people. Importantly, it influences and broadens my perspective on things and invokes a strong sense of empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. Sometimes, reading forces people to put aside their small story and focus on a big story such as humanity, homelessness, natural disaster, and some of the most repugnant events in the world. Reading and writing increase my steadfastness in my faith, couples with joyfulness and forgiveness. Reading and writing help some of my clients too!
  10. Add yours here

Recommended Biographies: Richard Nixon, Malcolm X, Stev Jobs, Oprah, Hilter, James Baldwin, and Anne Frank.

Read for your healthy lifestyle. Write your story and change the world!