Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself- Bill Gate.

We all are in the business of comparing people and things! We compare our person, environment, and experiences with one another.

Sometimes, it is like comparing apples with oranges or Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta with a Politician in congress. Comparison can be destructive, endless, and rarely helpful. Comparison! Where do you start and end? How can you decrease or erase it from your lifestyle?


  • Celebrate with others even when you are boiling with envy. Look inward and find something in your life you can celebrate too. A friend just bought a big house in a suburb, and you attended a house warming party! Celebrate with her/him and remind yourself of your apartment in a city you love, enjoy, and family nearby. Alternatively, you are a kind person who helps others with your time and finance.
  • Compliment: Always find something good to say about you, people, and things. It helps you focus on and appreciate who you are and what you have. Tell your friend about a big house, how that house will meet her family needs and a place where friends can have a party. In my school district, people with big homes offer her for parents’ meetings. One of my clients said, “… new apartment moves my family closer than “the” former mansion.”
  • Consultation replaces comparison. Why? We learn from experts or the experiences of others. A young woman asks me, “Bassey, what do you do to remain like this” We had a discussion, and both of us laughed! Because she goes to the GYM to lose weight, and I walk on the road or a track field to gain energy. If you like something in someone and you want to have it, ask him direct questions. Find out how your brother works full time, attends business school, and cares for a family of 7, or how your sister starts a business, or how your colleague always appears relaxed and joyful!

Remember, as always, all that is gritter is not gold. Fake life is prevalent everywhere, especially in social media. Go and focus on your life and do what you can to improve or change it!

Be a woman or man of action!