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Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live—Jim Rohn.

“I experienced the difference,” a quote from one of my clients, Rosemike. Rosemike was clinically obese when she came for a consultation. She was upset because her doctor discussed her weight during the annual checkup. She felt talk down and lecture by the physician. Rosemike said, “I am healthy, smart on my feet, and I can run.” I listened to understand, and I empowered her, “you are right; the weight issue is personal.” The truth is, it’s not personal but a societal problem with the financial burden on taxpayers.

“I experienced the difference” a quote from one of my clients, Rosemike

For less than six months, Rosemike lost much weight without surgery or over-the-top exercise or dieting. But she changed her thinking and behavior about herself/food, people, and the environment. She shared the above quote last week.

It’s wise to think differently or try something new every day!

It’s wise to think differently or try something new every day! Weight is “a personal issue,” but people who struggle with it need help, even when they seem OK. Below are things you can help someone today:

  1. Listen to understand and no commentary on weight, food, or clothing.
  2. Invite her to join your company— shopping for food or eating in a restaurant.
  3. Inspire and empower him with positive words and actions. Share stories about a healthy lifestyle such as managing time/money, minding one’s business, volunteering, walking and spending time outside, and practicing forgiveness!

Do you know anyone who is living with obesity?

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