Fear is a self-imposed prison that will keep you from becoming what God intends for you to be. You must move against it with the weapons of faith and love- Rick Warren.

Fear visited me as I stepped my right foot into the walking trail! Why? Because of the continuous shooting and killing of innocent people around me. I reminded myself of my safety and turned back and walked on the road. Fear is part of human nature, and it gives human beings faith to take action.

Fear can drive you to safety and cripple your dream too. Fear scattered my writing gift for decades and almost took my head off. It held my pen hostage and diverted my attention to undesirable paths. Fear can stagnate relationships, business, community, or kill dreams.

Faith with work flourishes health, career, community and nourishes dreams and finance. And faith without action can produce hatred, helplessness, egotism, generational poverty/abuse, or an unfulfilled desire.

Five things you can do with Faith and Fear:

  1. With faith, you can find your purpose in life, practice self-compassion, and seek help for your challenges. Faith permits you to give others grace, listen to understand, and pray for everyone! With fear, you can hate yourself and hate people who are different from you or whose values are different.
  2. With fear, you can complain about your empty or half-empty cup for hours, days, months, or years. With faith, you can stand up and refill your empty or half-empty cup the way you want it.
  3. With faith, you can figure out how to open a closed/ locked door, look for an unlocked door, or build your door. With fear, you can choose to stare at the closed or locked door for decades!
  4. With faith, you can break the family history of obesity/preventative disease by committed to a 20 minutes walk, 5 days per week, and decrease junk food on your plate. With fear, you can blame the fast-food industries, social media, and your parents!
  5. With faith, you can find other sources of income to create the lifestyle you desire. With fear, you can decide to waste your time and energy gossiping with others who are living their best life.

Have faith in yourself!