Look at your food

Good food is good mood- Teen Public

Look at your food. Why? We have the power to create the lifestyle we desire. Is it easy? NO!  Just like anything in life, sacrificing an instance gratification brings long term benefits. Wellness is a byproduct of happiness and happiness is a choice.  Look at your food. Make your food, make your life.

John Mackey advices,  “a healthy diet is a solution to many of our health-care problems. It’s the most important solution.”

Ways to look at your food and ake your life:

  • Look at and pay attention to your food. Examine the quality and quanity of food on your plate or cup before eat it.
  • Prepare your food at least half of the time. You can boil or bake eggs, yam, and potatoes. Boil or bake chicken or fish. Feel free to hire a personal chef as needed. the personal chef is a necessity just like a dry cleaner
  • Read labels and take care of your emotional needs. A small pack of snacks can include 1000 calories, 200mg of sodium and sugar. Look  for a solution a problem that triggers emtional eating and seek help as needed.

Healthy eating  saves time, energy, money, and importantly saves lives. Make a healthy eating your lifestyle. My professional experience shows dieting doesn’t work. Enjoy your food, enjoy your life!