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Tiffany narrated; My director called me early in the morning and told me, “I’v recommended you for a promotion and a district 5 team leader.” I was shocked because I didn’t know if had skills to lead many people. Wow!

Relationships with ourselves determine on how we thrive in life and interact with people around us.

Many things influence our connection with ourselves such as mental health, family, community, and society. Today, our focus is not on studies, experts, or researches. Experts are right, and their reviews are mostly valid on human behavior and social environment.

We would rather focus on practical steps to get to know ourselves, bring a change in our lives, and develop a growth mindset.


Spend quality time with yourself.

Spend time with yourself the same way you spend time with your friends and family. Pay attention to your thoughts and respect this time. 5–30 minutes of self-discussion once a week is enough if you want to take a good start.

Avoid distractions. In this time, observe things about yourself, listen to all parts of your body, and investigate all aspects of your life. Feel your emotions, review your deepest feelings and take notice of your thoughts. This practice can help you to know more about yourself.

This particular time is for You, not a celebrity, your children, friends, spouse, siblings, or parents. Check out your likes, dislikes, habits, behaviors, feelings, thoughts, inactions, and actions. How are we doing?

“OMG, I can remember I like classical music. It was my favorite in high school.”


Ask yourself if you are happy or not.

What makes you happy? What wakes you up in the morning? What keeps you awake at night?

Are you a morning or afternoon person? What pushes your button? Do you like what you see in the mirror?

What questions would we like to ask our favorite celebrity and his children, or anyone we admire — our parents, Mrs. Obama, or Mr. Trump.

What questions would you like to ask someone you don’t like. Try to ask yourself the same questions. Last, what question would like to ask your true and public self?

Do you like what you see in the mirror?

What about a conversation with yourself in a full-length mirror 1–2 times a month? Some of us found being naked intimidating at first, but it empowers us. We have no choice except to learn how to like ourselves!

“Everyone knew I had ADHD, except me. I got a piece of paper from my doctor last week. Damn it. I am 37 years Old!”


Well done! We have a great start with self-examination. Knowing oneself and others take time. Humans are socialized to behave appropriately in public and with strangers. They behave differently depending upon situations. We have inside and outside voices, and it becomes difficult to understand ourselves or others. It is not an easy task to know yourself or others.

It takes me 1–2 years to know a little about people. And, I didn’t know my daughter has a fear of height, until last year. Sure, she is my daughter, and she is often on the airplane.

No worries! It takes time and more effort to get to know oneself.

As you connect with yourself — write down things you discover such as things you want to improve or change. Compliment your effort with a reward. Keep connecting the dots as you are researching You.

Celebrate your accomplishments. You have a mirror to look inward. Your relationship with yourself and people will never be the same.

Seek help as needed!

help yourself grow