Lifestyle Monthly Subscription

Lifestyle monthly subscription is for you to ask 4 questions per month. I’ll answer your question within 24 hours by email.

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Lifestyle Consulting

We work with you to define an issue at hand and recommend a long-term service. The issue can be addiction recovery,  wellness, life transitions, culture, and others. The service is for a specific issue and lasts for 2  sessions. Parents with CPS cases, divorced parents with young children, and domestic violence survivors and perpetrators benefit more from this service.

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Lifestyle & Recovery Coaching

We partner together to create achievable goals. We work with your answers to identify, clarify, and create your vision in a lifestyle you want to improve, change, or make a new. For example, health issues,  learning disabilities, and others. This service lasts for 6- 24 sessions and renews as needed or recommends psychotherapy.

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Lifestyle Organizing

This service provides organizing skills and hands-on training for anyone. Also, we can assist you in organizing your life and give you time to enjoy what you love. New parents, people who learn differently, college students, and business owners/executives. No judgment —referral as needed if your home or office presents hoarding.

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Listening Partner

Life is stressful, and sometimes it’s complicated. Your family members, friends, or sponsor are tired of listening to your struggles, or you feel guilty calling them often with your issues.  Where do you go? I’m here to listen to understand without interruption or advice.   

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Outpatient Surgery Companion

Are you or your parent or child scheduled for surgery and there’s no one to assist? Call us now! OSC service is available for doctor’s offices, hospitals, and homes within 7 miles of our location.  

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Lifestyle Enrichment Groups

Group meets on Mondays and Fridays. See the schedule for more information.

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